Hello world!

Hello everyone!

So after a long wait for some of you (who specifically wanted to know what I would be going through with PhD), I have finally set up a blog.

A blog has never really been a thing for me. I’ve tried, and I have failed, just like how it is impossible to stick with the new year resolution of keeping a diary.

But, I endeavour to try once again, and perhaps even improve my English by writing more.

I’ve not actually written a blog in English before. The reason was simple: “Why bother when you can’t even keep one in your mother tongue?” Then again, I have to write in English more given my current life path—training as a researcher. This led to my resolution of at least doing some casual writing. Perhaps I enjoy writing more than I thought.

So here we go, just another PhD blog, where I will be sharing snapshots from my life as a Computer Science PhD student and, hopefully, beyond.