Second COVID-19 Vaccine

I have received my second dose of COVID-19 vaccine just past Saturday on the 14.08.2021.

My previous one was in mid-June, which I had some reaction to — fairly painful arm lasting few days and strong fatigue just on the day after the vaccine.

This time, I had little to no side-effects — had mildly sore arm few hours after, and some fatigue the next day requiring a nap (I almost *never* take naps!). But by third day after the vaccine, I was able to do push-ups.

Sadly, in Scotland, there are quite a large portion of 20s, 30s, and 40s who are yet to be vaccinated at all. Right now, 30s and 40s can do walk-in vaccinations for both doses at this point.

I hope the vaccine uptake continues and more people can be vaccinated as soon as possible.

First dose of Covid-19 vaccine done

I have received my first dose of Covid-19 vaccine.

NHS Scotland has been continuing with vaccinations around 40k per day, lately. From the end of May till the beginning of June, NHS Scotland called for people in the ages 18-29 to register for the vaccination. I took that opportunity along with few of my friends. Some, as NHS may have suspected, have not registered at all! This gave them opportunity to either update or register with a GP. Thankfully, I got the notification stating they matched my details quite swiftly.

Just after a week or so, I received an email and a SMS message with my appointment detail. Luckily, the appointment was at the local hospital in a week and a half or so, but for some people, it was about a month away or the location was far away. The email provided information needed to re-schedule, which was helpful for those cases.

On the day, I arrived at the hospital about 10 min ahead of schedule. The process at the reception was smooth, followed by clear signages leading to the waiting space. Without waiting for too long, I was taken to the bench and the quick Q&A session started. I happened to have a WHO International Certificate of Vaccination booklet, recording most of the vaccinations (except for a few flu ones I forgot to record). The doctor immediately recognised them and offered to fill the entry on ‘other vaccinations’ page. As I have anticipated, it was Pfizer/BioNTech Comirnaty.

The process was very smooth, the needle went in, felt very similar to flu vaccine, and it was done. I was asked to wait for 10 min, which I just ran a timer on my watch, then left. I had a water bottle so I took few sips.

After 4-5 hours in, my arm started to feel a bit sore. By the time I went to bed, it was a little annoying to fall asleep, but that did not stop me from sleeping. Same continued the next morning but as I had to do a spring cleaning of the flat, I took one dose of paracetamol in the morning, and another in the afternoon. That seemed to have worked quite well. Other than that, it’s been quite uneventful.

According to the staff, currently they are aiming for 8 weeks interval between the first and the second dose. Hopefully around week 6, I may receive the invitation to the next one.

So far, I’m happy to feel that things are moving forward towards the end of the pandemic. I’m looking forward to receive my second dose.

May updates — PhD, photography, and everything else

Hi everyone, this is the fourth update on this blog this year!

Since the last update, there has been some progress in PhD. I am done with actual coding, and I am now working on the final sets of experiments. I guess I am at the home straight. There are a lot of data processing, visualisation, and thesis writing to do, but I’m happy that I am making progress.

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A year and a bit

‘It’s been a year’ — I think this is a phrase we’ve been hearing a bit in the last few weeks. Maybe even tired of hearing. Yes, it is about the COVID-19 pandemic we are in. And quite a few people are writing about them; tweets, news articles, facebook posts, and so on.

But, for the sake of record keeping, I’ll jot down few thing that comes to my mind, reflecting on my experience so far with this a year and bit of dealing with the pandemic.

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The first prints of year 2021

It’s been a while since I last did prints (and I didn’t even write about the process of prepping prints). To be quite honest, I was little away from photography.

In the year 2020, in the midst of a panic in both PhD and life in general, I picked up my camera again. (Well, didn’t completely put them down… but you get what I mean…) And during the conversation with my secondary supervisor during a physically-distanced-walk (when that was allowed), I remembered that I have not done any prints for a while.

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Self isolation

I have finished self-isolation—thankfully, uneventfully.

This was my second isolation—First, purely precautionary self-isolation due to possible but not confirmed contact with a person with symptoms; second, one of my housemate tested positive with symptoms.

This particular isolation was instructed via SMS from NHS track and trace.

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Little glimpse of star trail

During the summer – early autumn, it’s not the easiest time to capture star. The sun set is rather late. This alone was enough to put me off from attempting one. But a friend of mine had dragged me out to do one after checking the weather.

Turns out, the field around observatory is a great place to do this. (duh) This was my first time doing star shoot around that area so I was little unsure, but it turned out to be a great location. The only gripe about the location is that because it is right next to the sports centre, we had to wait till they close to turn off the over-head lighting for the outdoor track. Hence, it had to be rather late.

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