26th Birthday

I have once again added +1 to my age.

I have started by birthday, at my desk around 9:30 cracking on with PhD related work, to a meeting with my supervisor. The day continued on with, talking to my girlfriend Asta, some more work, then dinner with friends, ice cream to follow (jannetta’s, obviously) then back to office for more work.
My supervisor and I are working on this paper and I’m still collecting results.

I have received kind words congratulating on my birthday from various places, various medium, and in very varying time (due to timezones).

But I think I definitely have to give some of the credit to my parents dealing with me.

Thank you all, to have dealt with me for another year, and thank you for your support.

It has been a great year being 25, now we shall see what 26 is going to be like.

‘Shot Story’ No. 2 – 10 Years


This is a photo I’ve taken back in 2005. This is the year I started playing with a DSLR. (Before that, I did play with a point and shoot and some times with a film SLR) And I’ve been taking photos with some degree of passion up till now.

10 years ago from today, I’ve started a flickr account, and started uploading my photos. Photos I thought I shot well, made in to it and today, I have 389 photos.

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2017 12 Japan Trip – Quick Update Day 1

Some of you may have seen slightly panicky facebook post yesterday but here’s a quick update.

I’m now back in Japan at my parents place in Tokyo. I’ll be around Tokyo till mid January then back to PhD again! (Not that I won’t be logging into my machines remotely over my mum’s computer as I left CS laptop in UK)

Despite the 30-45 min delay on Edinburg -> Brussels flight, I made it to NH 232 for Tokyo, Narita with my check-in baggage.

In the context of going home, as computer science student, I will be asked to take a look around things at home. Like your mum’s computer and home network devices. And when I did so, there was some discovery I wanted to address with regards to the topic of the Internet. So here we go (sorry for the long intro):

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‘Shot Story’ No. 1 – The Northern Lights over St Andrews

This is my new blog segment called ‘Shot Story’, where I plan to talk about the photos I have shot. Feel free to give suggestions in the comment section below with a link to a photo on my flickr! Equally, if you have any question/topic you want me to discuss, feel free to comment below!

Aurora Over St Andrews
I’ve always wanted to talk about photography. Its been on my ‘blog-topic-list’ for far too long. So I shall start with one of the most memorable shots in St Andrews. This definitely is a milestones in my photography experience: I caught the northern lights.

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‘ILNP Talk’ – Linux Kernel Code Porting

Disclaimer: This is a rather overdue blog post I wrote a couple of months ago. I’ve made more progress than this! (There shall be a follow-up post soon…)

This might be the first time I actually touch on my research in this blog. I guess the time has come.

As I mentioned before, I’m working on a project to develop and implement a protocol called Identifier-Locator Network Protocol v6 (ILNPv6). This is a network protocol which implements the architecture my supervisor has designed; the Identifier-Locator Network Protocol (ILNP).

I’ll leave out the actual explanation of the ILNP for this post. However to give you the gist of what ILNP is trying to achieve, here are 2 of features/goals  that are relevant to my PhD:

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Quick Summary of June 2017

So, two months have gone by since my last post! And on a side note, we’re already half way through 2017…

The absence of articles in the last two months has to proven me that writing is hard, blogging is hard and life is hard.

But within the last two months, a lot has happened. I think now is a good time to do a quick summary of it. Maybe I can come back and write more about them too.

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How did I get here?

The previous post, “Hello World”, touched on why I started my blog.

But, as a blog, it’s missing a key element: self introduction.

In this post, I hope to give a brief background of who I am and what I am doing now, as my last post might not make any sense to those whom I have not had a chance to explain what I am up to now.

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Hello world!

Hello everyone!

So after a long wait for some of you (who specifically wanted to know what I would be going through with PhD), I have finally set up a blog.

A blog has never really been a thing for me. I’ve tried, and I have failed, just like how it is impossible to stick with the new year resolution of keeping a diary.

But, I endeavour to try once again, and perhaps even improve my English by writing more.

I’ve not actually written a blog in English before. The reason was simple: “Why bother when you can’t even keep one in your mother tongue?” Then again, I have to write in English more given my current life path—training as a researcher. This led to my resolution of at least doing some casual writing. Perhaps I enjoy writing more than I thought.

So here we go, just another PhD blog, where I will be sharing snapshots from my life as a Computer Science PhD student and, hopefully, beyond.