The first prints of year 2021

It’s been a while since I last did prints (and I didn’t even write about the process of prepping prints). To be quite honest, I was little away from photography.

In the year 2020, in the midst of a panic in both PhD and life in general, I picked up my camera again. (Well, didn’t completely put them down… but you get what I mean…) And during the conversation with my secondary supervisor during a physically-distanced-walk (when that was allowed), I remembered that I have not done any prints for a while.

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Self isolation

I have finished self-isolation—thankfully, uneventfully.

This was my second isolation—First, purely precautionary self-isolation due to possible but not confirmed contact with a person with symptoms; second, one of my housemate tested positive with symptoms.

This particular isolation was instructed via SMS from NHS track and trace.

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Little glimpse of star trail

During the summer – early autumn, it’s not the easiest time to capture star. The sun set is rather late. This alone was enough to put me off from attempting one. But a friend of mine had dragged me out to do one after checking the weather.

Turns out, the field around observatory is a great place to do this. (duh) This was my first time doing star shoot around that area so I was little unsure, but it turned out to be a great location. The only gripe about the location is that because it is right next to the sports centre, we had to wait till they close to turn off the over-head lighting for the outdoor track. Hence, it had to be rather late.

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26th Birthday

I have once again added +1 to my age.

I have started by birthday, at my desk around 9:30 cracking on with PhD related work, to a meeting with my supervisor. The day continued on with, talking to my girlfriend Asta, some more work, then dinner with friends, ice cream to follow (jannetta’s, obviously) then back to office for more work.
My supervisor and I are working on this paper and I’m still collecting results.

I have received kind words congratulating on my birthday from various places, various medium, and in very varying time (due to timezones).

But I think I definitely have to give some of the credit to my parents dealing with me.

Thank you all, to have dealt with me for another year, and thank you for your support.

It has been a great year being 25, now we shall see what 26 is going to be like.

‘Shot Story’ No. 2 – 10 Years

This is a photo I’ve taken back in 2005. This is the year I started playing with a DSLR. (Before that, I did play with a point and shoot and some times with a film SLR) And I’ve been taking photos with some degree of passion up till now.

10 years ago from today, I’ve started a flickr account, and started uploading my photos. Photos I thought I shot well, made in to it and today, I have 389 photos.

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2017 12 Japan Trip – Quick Update Day 1

Some of you may have seen slightly panicky facebook post yesterday but here’s a quick update.

I’m now back in Japan at my parents place in Tokyo. I’ll be around Tokyo till mid January then back to PhD again! (Not that I won’t be logging into my machines remotely over my mum’s computer as I left CS laptop in UK)

Despite the 30-45 min delay on Edinburg -> Brussels flight, I made it to NH 232 for Tokyo, Narita with my check-in baggage.

In the context of going home, as computer science student, I will be asked to take a look around things at home. Like your mum’s computer and home network devices. And when I did so, there was some discovery I wanted to address with regards to the topic of the Internet. So here we go (sorry for the long intro):

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