2018 February Snow in St Andrews

Yes you are right, snow in St Andrews is not common. Or UK low lands in general. To the extent that it deserves a blog post.

Turns out this is the first blog post in 2018. Been far too busy in Japan and even when I got back here, I still have far too many things to do.

Here’s a little post with photos of Snow in St Andrews.

So, if I’m not mistaken, the last week of February has been pretty cold comparing to previous couple weeks. On 27th from the morning its been snowing on and off and hailed a bit during the day. Now around 21:00 on wards  it started to snow quite a lot with quite a strong wind. Blowing up the snow from the ground.

My friend Xu, who is also doing PhD in Computer Science, suggested to get some photos before they get ruined. Because I have a weakness for that sort of thing, I went out photo-shooting around 23:00.

The following morning, it piled up even more and I could not resist but to take a detour around the town to take more photos before getting to the office this morning. So here are 31 photos I’ve taken so far.

Amazingly powdery snow.
Quite curious whether busses have any winter tires as I didn’t hear the sound of snow chains.

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